FReSMe project final event

Virtual event, 23 June 2021

After almost 5 years of hard work and cooperation among the eleven partners of the Consortium, the FReSme project is now coming to an end. Due to the current situation the final event took place virtually uniting a sound audience audience that included representatives from the European Commission, local authorities from Luleå (Sweden), where the methanol production pilot was conducted and invitees from the academia and the industry among others.

It is well known that steel production accounts for 6-8% of the global emissions. Primary steel production is a highly efficient process but between 1.6 and 2 tons of CO2 are emitted per ton of steel produced. The European Commission has targeted the steel sector as one of its key priorities for technology research and innovation with the aim of developing efficient and decarbonised industrial processes. FReSMe project builds on the successes from two projects, STEPWISE and MefCO2, to develop scalable and competitive carbon capture and utilisation technology.

After almost 5 years of research and a successful test campaign, the consortium achieved its last major milestone. Low carbon methanol produced from blast furnace gases successfully powered Stena Germanica ship connecting Gothenburg and Kiel on the 22nd of June. The demonstration coincided with the FReSMe project final event in which the project main results were presented.

During the event, Ms. Maria Georgiadou (EC General Director Research & Innovation; Clean Energy Transition - Renewable fuels, Biofuels and Bioenergy), gave relevant insights into the future implementation of renewable fuels, introduced some of the most relevant Research & Innovation policies and highlighting the fact that energy is the fuel of the economy and the economic activity.

In addition, Ms. Susanne Friberg, County of Administrative Board of Norrbotten & Head of Business and Development, shared with the audience some of the most relevant industrial energy transition activities that are currently taking place in Northern Sweden.

After these words, the FReSMe partners presented the project results and explained why the technology developed in the FReSMe project is highly scalable and can be deployed in existing steel mills while methanol sales provide a more attractive business case for steel producers. Again, methanol is a highly versatile chemical with multiple applications and one of its potential applications is as clean marine fuel replacing fossil fuels. We were so happy to let the world know that the methanol produced using FReSMe technology cleared the last hurdle by powering Stena Germanica ferry connecting Gothenburg in Sweden, to Kiel in Germany. (More information about the project demonstration in this post)

The project event finished with a very interesting round table in which the industrial partners answered some relevant questions about the Advanced Technologies for a cleaner Steel Industry.

Agenda of the event

Part I


Welcome and Project-Explanation

Mr. David Cuesta

i-deals, FReSMe Project Coordinator


Statement from the EC

Clean Energy Transition - Renewable fuels, Biofuels and Bioenergy

EC General Director Research & Innovation


Statement from Norrbotten County (Sweden)

Ms. Susanne Friberg

County of Administrative Board of Norrbotten & Head of Department Business and Development


Presentation of Project-Results

Mr. Paul Cobden

SWERIM, Pilot Plant host


End of the Part I

Part II


Welcome and introduction to Part II

Mr. David Cuesta (Director i-deals)


Statement of the Project Officer

Ms. Laura Gómez (EC)


FReSMe Pilot Plant Operation

Mr. Eric van Dijk (TNO)


Advanced CO2 removal technology

Jebin James (TNO)


Catalysts and Process Engineering

Mr. Anže Prašnikar (Young researcher at NIC)


LCA and Thermo-economic Analysis

Mr. Davide Bonalumi (Assistant Professor at POLIMI)


Methanol reaction: Emissions-to Liquids (ETL)

Mr. Emeric Sarron (CTO at CRI)


Alternative Fuels for Sustainable Shipping

Per Stefenson (Naval Architect and project leader for alternative fuels at STENA).


Round table: Advanced Technologies for a cleaner Steel Industry

Moderator: David Cuesta (i-deals)

Mr. David Bellqvist (SSAB)

Mr. Magnus Lundqvist (SWERIM)

Mr. Güçhan Yapar (TATA STEEL)

Mr. Emeric Sarron (CRI)

Mr. Eric van Dijk & Jebin James (TNO)

Mr. Per Stefenson (STENA).




End of the event

Relevant material

The presentations used during the event can be downloaded from the following links:

  • DescargarIntroduction to the project (I-DEALS)
  • DescargarPresentation of Project-Results (SWERIM) Coming soon
  • DescargarFReSMe Pilot Plant Operation (TNO)
  • DescargarAdvanced CO2 removal technology (TNO) Coming soon
  • DescargarCatalysts and Process Engineering (NIC)
  • DescargarLCA and Thermo-economic Analysis (POLIMI)
  • DescargarMethanol reaction: Emissions-to Liquids (CRI)
  • DescargarAlternative Fuels for Sustainable Shipping (STENA)

You can now access the streaming!

We invite you to watch the event, meet the project partners and stakeholders and celebrate with us a successful European cooperation!

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 727504.


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